Solution Description

With the use of latest AI, ToF and LoRaWAN technologies, we have the ability to intelligently count the people that move within a space, independently of direction. Installing the sensors on cruicial locations, we monitor and collect in real time, the information that enables us to improve the functional aspects of a certain space, to benefit the employees and customers of an organization or company.

We are able to improve the functions, the power consumption and the company workflow, adding to the value and customer experience of an organization.

The benefits that arise from the use of our solution:

  • Detailed analysis of the movement inside indoor and outdoor spaces
  • 100% Anonmymous people tracking
  • Ability to differenciate between staff/guests, and adults/children.
  • Better understanding of the use of spaces
  • Smart suggestions fo improve power efficiency
  • Smart suggestions to improve air quality
  • Decision making based on rock-solid data.
  • Data retention for further detailed analysis

Suitable solution for places with high occupancy such as:

Public buildings, Museums, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Hospitals, Restaurants, Education Institutions, Waiting lines, Public Transport Stations, Sports Arenas etc.