Solution Description

Every national health provider, can monitor the fonctionality of its services, using IoT technologies. Installing smart, wireless sensors on key places, we have the information, that will help you in creating efficient and innovative processes, focusing on the overall improvement of the organization and creating a positive energy and environmental footprint.

Our Solution’s Subsystems:

  • Energy & water usage monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring on sensitive inventory
  • Door & Window State Monitoring
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring on critical spaces
  • Leakage detection
  • Waste bin level monitoring
  • Internal & External lighting controllers
  • Movement & occupancy monitoring (Alert on over-occupancy)
  • Sensitive & Expensive inventory position tracking
  • Air quality monitoring

Benefits Of Our Solution:

  • Avoiding the expiration on sensitive inventory
  • Avoiding unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Improvement of environment for pacients & employees
  • Avoiding transmission of airborne viruses
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Prevention of disasters from potential water or liquid leaks
  • Reducing the operational and service costs
  • Improvement of environmental footprint

Centralized Monitoring & Control Panel

All the information collected by our sensors are visualized and stored on our custom application, from which you can control any moduled or systems that you choose to add to your IoT installation. There is also the ability to receive warnings 7 critical alerts, by SMS, Push Notifications & E-Mail.