Enjoy your boat, worry-free.

Smart IoT Sensors ensure your and your yacht’s protection.

See how Yotabby Marine benefits your boat.

Yacht Monitoring By InviBIT

At InviBIT Ltd, we have a passion for IoT networks and boating. We were very concerned about the safety and structural integrity of our boats when they were parked at sea. So we made the most revolutionary monitoring and threat prevention system ever.

Yotabby uses pre-existing wireless IoT networks such as LoRaWAN Helium, NB-IoT and 4G, in order to provide exceptional coverage to everyone in every part of the world.

Simply order the sensor you need, install it in minutes, onboard to Yotabby app, and instantly grant control on every parameter that you want to see.

Our Smart Sensor Lineup:

Temperature & Humidity Module

Reduce the risk of fire or damage from excessive cabin humidity using our Temperature and Humidity sensor module. It is waterproof and rugged to be easily deployed with zero retrofits. 


GPS Module

Protect your boat from theft and track its course. Get alerts when it is moved outside predefined zones. Our GPS module, provides excellent coverage and features like geofencing and tracking capabilities while maintaining a very strong and rugged profile, proving itself against the harshest conditions.


Bilge Detection Module

Our Smart Bilge sensor protects your boat from water damage or even sinking when docked in the marina or anchored unattended.  Install the float switch into the bilge and rest assured that your boat is safe. 


Smoke Detector Module

Fire in the cabin or engine room is often detected when it is already too late. Especially, when your boat is parked in the marina. YoTabby Smart Smoke detector will warn you and the marina manager early in the case of fire. 


Smart Hull Impact detection

Receive alerts if your boat’s hull bumps or crashes while rented or while you are away. Get reports with the coordinates of the crash site, the magnitude, and the direction of impact.  Easily check if your boat is traveling in high waves or if it is tilting dangerously while parked in the marina.  


See how Yotabby Marine benefits your boat.

Battery Operated.

The electronics inside the Yotabby sensors are designed to draw as little power as possible, making them able to last over 5 years without needing to change the battery.


Easy to install.

Our mounting system makes sure that your Yotabby sensor gets installed hassle-free and is unintrusive to the structure of the boat. We always make sure to keep your yacht looking clean.



The Yotabby ecosystem of sensors is not based on a central control module. It is redundant, so in case anything fails. Every sensor has its own communication system.

The Yotabby Web App

With our Yotabby web app, you can connect all of your sensors and monitor your boat seamlessly. You can also enable push notifications and be alerted even if the app is in the background or inactive. All the information from your sensors is displayed in the app, and you can configure all the thresholds.