Solution Description

Using IoT sensors, we can upgrade any public toilet to a modern and up-to-date public convenience point. Installing the proper smart sensors in critical places, we monitor and collect in real time the information that wil help us in the improvement of the space’s functionality, benefiting the guests.

We are able to make this hapen in any restroom, having the expertise to design and retrofit our solutions in every possible scenario and use-case, using the existing infrastructure that is available to your company.


Measurement Parameters:

  • Cleanliness factor
  • Air quality / bad odors
  • Toilet Paper / Soap Level
  • Occupancy
  • Door State (Open/Closed)
  • Use Conditions
  • Temperature & humidity

Solution Benefits:

  • Resource Management
  • Hygine & Cleanliness Improvements
  • Malfunction & Disaster Prevention
  • Satisfaction Factor Improvement
  • Reduce in Operating Costs
  • Recording of Valuable Data

Where does our solution apply?

Public Buildings, Museums, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Hospitals, Restaurants, Universities/Schools, Waiting Rooms, Public Transport Stations, Courts, Etc.