Solution Description

We all know that in the latest years, the cost of electricity has skyrocketed and especially in the case of businesses and large organizations, this expense has become unbearable. The natural response to that is to limit power consumption, but how are you going to limit something if you have not first measured it?

Enter InviBIT’s Smart Energy Monitoring Solution. Using smart, wireless IoT sensors, which are installed on the electrical panel of the building, we collect reliable and critical data about the power consumption of the building, so we can take action based on rock-solid data and effectively limit our power consumption. 

The benefits of our solution:

  • Easy installation without modifying the pre-existing infrastructure
  • Lower energy costs, because of managed power consumption
  • Participation in actively protecting the environment
  • Statistical collection of data to take critical decisions
  • Remote monitoring & alerts, in case the power goes out, or power consumption is too high
  • Data visualisation on PC/Tablet or Smartphone