Solution Description

Nowadays, wildfires are a serious threat for the environment causing emergency situations and wildlife disasters. Climate change and human error have increased the frequency & scale of wildfires with very catastrophic results, including loss of human and animal life, and property. Most of the time, when someone is alerted of a fire, it’s already too late to act, as the fire is already spiraling out of control. The critical point in this situation is the early detection of the fire and quick intervention.

Our company has the solution.

We actively participate in developing solutions for the early detection of wildfires. Using smart and interconnected IoT sensors in select locations around forests, we can effectively monitor and alert for wildfires at an early stage. The sensors that we use measure the increase in carbon dioxide, as well as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure levels, that quickly shift from normal levels during the first stages of a wildfire.

The benefits that come to light from using our solution are:

  • Early wildfire detection
  • Resource management 
  • Reducing unnecessary human resources
  • Easy installation
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Very long sensor lifespan (<10 Years)