Solution Description

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of air quality in indoor spaces and especially in schools. Measuring CO2, temperature and humidity levels, is part of a strategy developed for achieving the best possible learning environment for students and teachers alike. Using IoT sensors, we have accurate air quality data that we can use to effectively make decisions, that improve the conditions in spaces where teachers and students spend the majority of their day.

Using our solution, you will be able to accurately and effectively monitor indoor air quality and make critical decisions, while improving the quality of living inside spaces where precious knowledge is distributed.

Benefits of our solution:

  • Monitoring Air Quality in Real-Time
  • Increased student / teacher cognitive performance
  • Increased concentration
  • Prevents the transmission of airborne viruses
  • Decrease in headaches and dizziness
  • Easy to install, no cables, battery operated
  • Minimal cost to operate and maintain

All the information in virualized and recorded in our custom application, from which you can control all of our solutions, while there is also the option to get notifications on your mobile device or email, in case of emergency situations.