IoT Solutions for Any Modern Problem

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Our smart yacht monitoring system offers real-time remote access and comprehensive data insights for yacht owners .

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Our smart cold chain monitoring solution offers real-time sata analytics and updates, utilizing IoT sensors and devices.

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Our smart agriculture product revolutionizes farming practices by combining technologies and data analytics for optimization.

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Our smart cities solutions offer smart parking, automatic water metering, smart lighting etc. to improve quality of life.

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Our solution integrates advanced technologies, to enhance energy efficiency and improve commercial buildings.

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Smart environment & weather monitoring solutions combine IoT sensors, analytics and machine learning to predict the weather.

Custom Software

Cloud Based IoT Platform and Mobile Devices Application

An intelligent data collection, analysis, presentation and reporting software suite.

  • User friendly UI/U

  • Advanced data analysis

  • Data Reports (graphs, tables, algorithms)

  • Data Visualization (dashboards, widgets)

  • Notifications/Alerts (SMS, E-Mail, Push Notifications)

You need a completely custom solution for your use case? Don't hesitate to contact us.