Smart AHRS / IMU with Internet/IoT Connectivity

Our Smart AHRS unit provides real-time positioning, orientation, and system dynamics information using our custom precision motion engine. Equipped with numerous onboard sensors such as gyro, magnetometer, accelerometers, GNSS, barometer, thermometer and light sensors, it can analyze, record and/or transmit information through a variety of communication channels like 3G/4G, NB-IoT, WiFi, BLE, CAN, or LoRa. It is able to directly control servomotors and various actuators. Suitable for stabilization applications, drones, impact analysis, robotics, marine applications etc.

Grain Roller Mill Machine Controller & UI

A Linux-based controller for an industrial grain roller milling machine, with advanced programming capabilities, wireless and wired internet connectivity, and all sorts of programmable I/O. Built around of a Ti 437x Citara Cortex-A9 ARM microcontroller with DDR3L-800 RAM running at 1.2GHz.

A classic mixed-signal industrial design built around a high-speed core.  This project shows that we can take our client’s needs to the next level.

Digital Servo Amplifier for Laser Galvanometers For Industrial Applications

We made a high-speed digital servo amplifier for laser galvanometers targeting engraving, industrial, and military applications. It is packed with our 25 years of experience in advanced automatic control theory and motion control systems. This product is the perfect example of our precision engineering and experience in the industrial business space.

IoT Water Metering Control Board

A custom made IoT control board for our partners at Cyric IoT, made to connect multiple water metering devices and send crucial field information to the cloud to be processed.

Omni-Directional Bluetooth Speaker for Acoustics Measurements

Its unique shape guarantees the even distribution of the acoustic waves in the surrounding space.

It is made of composite materials and hosts a full digital 60W battery-operated power amplifier and BLE 5.0  interface.

This product is the perfect example of our full range of design and manufacturing services. From the mechanical parts and mold design, and audio electronics to DFM and production. From idea to end product.

IMU Logger & IoT Gateway

This is a custom IoT gateway designed for our Swiss customer AVIRTA. Provides 3G/4G or NB- IoT connectivity, LAN, CAN BUS, WI-FI and BLE capabilities. It also incorporates an IMU assisted by our EKF-based altitude and heading reference unit. Provides orientation, heading, and vibration information. Suitable for predictive maintenance and vibration analysis applications.

Tabby, the Smartest PDA System in the World

Tabby is our pride and joy. We created it using our engineering knowledge on deeply embedded WEB-enabled systems and POS software, and imaginative thinking. Tabby is the leader in PDA systems worldwide and is used by the most known businesses.

Smart Gas & Particle Sensors

This is a series of IIoT projects done for our partners at Centaur Technologies.

It consists of a series of ultra-low power wireless smart gas and particle sensors, used for fumigation and pest monitoring in the smart agriculture sector.

Smart Thermal Camera

This thermal camera can be trained to detect known thermal patterns in uncertain or thermally unstable environments thanks to its neural network technology.  With its wide temperature detection range of 350C, accuracy of 1C, and frame rates up to 50FPS, it is suitable for smart presence detection, temperature monitoring of moving parts, and many other industrial and safety applications.

High Speed Telematic Fiscal Printer

This is a High speed telematic thermal printer engine designed for our Korean customer SeWoo. It is hosting an Italian fiscal law-compatible application paired with our embedded-WEB Tabby POS technology.  It is based on an ARM Cortex-M4F MCU,  and incorporates a highly optimized cryptographic core making this model the fastest in the market, demonstrating our deep knowledge and experience in this sector.

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