Revolutionizing the world of agriculture.

Nowadays, the smart agricultural sector has grown into a multi billion dollar space. Smart IoT solutions help to dramatically increase the efficiency of farming operations, by installing IoT sensors in key spots in order to monitor the soil moisture, soil temperature, electrical conductivity and more. This is where our company comes in. We provide, install and configure complete smart agriculture systems, to help farmers reach peak efficiency for their fields & crops. All the data and analytics that se sensors provide are collected and stored on a cloud application that you can view and export to use for any reason that you would want.

Solution Benefits

  • Data analytics on field performance
  • Reports based on any metric we collect
  • Improved decision making based on data
  • Improved crop performance
  • Easy installation
  • Remote monitoring & Alerts
  • Data visualization on PC/Tablet or Smartphone

Smart IoT Solutions

We provide custom and pre-made IoT solutions for the agriculture industry. Whether you want to moritor temperature & humidity, soil moisture or electrical conductivity, we have got you covered. Make sure to give us a call or schedule a meeting in order to discuss your need and find the perfect package for you and your business.