Solution Description

One of the basic functions of any community, is the care and preservation of a clean and safe environment, with the primary goal being waste management. Today, the usual way of managing waste is by fixed routes from the waste collection truck. Managing waste that way, is a disaster for resources (human or not), for the environment and for public convenience. 

Our company has the solution, with our IoT Solution. Installing smart sensors on garbage bins, we can remotely measure the remaining capacity of the waste, for precise waste extraction when needed. Also, our smart sensors can send alerts in case the temperature of the bin suddenly rises, the contents are stolen or in case of vandalism.

The benefits of using our solution:

  • Milimizing the time needed to collect garbage
  • Reducing the cost of fuel due to avoiding excess movement of the garbage trucks
  • Statistical data about the level of the waste (periodically)
  • Lower maintenance cost for the garbage trucks
  • Protection of the waste management systems due to alerts in case of vandalism or theft
  • Keeps the community safe due to the timely extraction of the garbage, so no viruses or bacteria develop
  • Satisfaction of the community due to cleanliness and organization