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Environmental Monitoring System

Solution Benefits


  • Accurate Forecasting and Early Warning Systems: Utilization of advanced sensors and data analysis techniques to provide precise weather forecasts and early warnings for severe weather events. This helps individuals, communities, and organizations make informed decisions and take necessary precautions in advance, mitigating potential risks and ensuring safety
  • Environmental Conservation and Resource Management: Continuous tracking of environmental parameters such as air quality, soil conditions, and water levels. This data empowers stakeholders to implement effective conservation strategies, and optimize resource usage.
  • Efficient Resource Planning: By leveraging real-time weather and environmental data, smart monitoring systems assist industries such as agriculture, energy, and transportation in optimizing their operations.

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Environment (Air Quality) Stations

Weather Stations

Weather/Environment Monitoring Dashboard

  • Specific view of individual sensor values
  • Indication of last measurement timestamp
  • Graph with historical sensor data with customized data and time ranges
  • Export of data to .csv file
    Sensor battery indication
  • Color indication of sensors with values within the pre-defined range (Blue Color)
  • Color indication of sensors with values out of the pre-defined range (Red Color)