Solution Description

A serious problem that occurs in many regions in Greece, is the non existent water infrastructure. That pushes residents into installing big water tanks in their properties. With that solution, a problem arises. Water supply is not consistent, and especially during peak tourism seasons, the water runs out unexpectedly. In this case, it is very important to be notified early when the water is about to run out and act quickly by calling the water refilling services.

Our solution includes the following:

Wireless IoT Sensors

IoT Gateway

Custom Application

How it works:

In every water tank, we install a wireless IoT sensor. The sensor is a small electronic device that has an integrated long cable with a pressure probe, which we place inside the water tank. For every pressure level, a depth is assigned. If the water level drops below the desired threshold, an alert is sent via E-Mail, SMS and Push Notification.

The sensors are connected to a LoRaWAN gateway, which collects and stores all the information transmitted. Practically, we deploy a LoRaWAN network, the properties of which are long range, resillience and redundancy. Finally, the gateway must be connected to the internet vie Ethernet or Wi-Fi, via an internet router, or a 4G/3G modem.

The benefits of installing our solution are:

  • Constant water supply via monitoring the water level
  • Resource management (no one has to check the tank)
  •  Alerts in case of unexpected drop in water level in case of a disaster
  • Easy installation procedure, the sensors are waterproof and battery operated with very long life span
  • Alerts (E-Mail, SMS, Push Notification) are tent to ether computers, tablets or mobile phones